The Catholic University of America

Admissions at The Catholic University of America

Applying for Re-admission


CUA students applying for readmission must have a complete application submitted to the Office of Admissions by –

  • Fall: August 1st
  • Spring: December 1st

As you begin the application process, you are encouraged to contact the Dean's Office of the school to which you are reapplying.

A student who has been dismissed or has withdrawn, or who is presumed to have withdrawn because of failure to maintain continuous enrollment, must reapply for admission to The Catholic University of America. A student who is readmitted will incur a $100 re-admission fee on their student account upon registration. If you have been dismissed by CUA for disciplinary reasons you will need to contact the Office for the Vice President of Student Life about re-entering the university.

To apply you will need to submit the readmission application, an essay (1-2 pages) about why you would like to be readmitted into CUA as well as official transcripts from any schools attended since leaving CUA. Please note on the application if you did not attend any other schools since CUA and that requirement will be waived.

After all of your documents and application have been processed, your file will need to be reviewed by a readmission committee within your school at CUA. After that, it will return to Admissions where an official letter and decision will be sent via regular mail. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on time of year; therefore you will want to apply as early as possible for the semester in which you wish to return to CUA.

Required items to be submitted for readmission:

Completed application - must download and submit via mail/fax.
• Essay explaining your desire to be readmitted
• Official college transcripts from ALL colleges attended since leaving CUA

All documents should be mailed to:

The Catholic University of America
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
620 Michigan Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20064