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Transferring Credits to CUA

Transfer credit is evaluated by the Dean of the school to which you are applying to here at Catholic University. Evaluation is hand

led on a course-by-course basis. In general, credits from another accredited college or university must be applicable to the candidate's chosen curriculum. Courses to be transferred must also be equivalent in quality and quantity of work to courses offered at CUA. A grade of "C" or higher is required for a transferable course.

Should you be admitted to the University, your file will be sent to your individual school for credit review and evaluation. The school will contact you when a review has been done or if they need you to submit more information such as course syllabi. You will then know how many credits and courses you will need to complete at CUA to finish your degree program. Military veterans applying to transfer to CUA will go through this same credit evaluation, and like other applicants, will be given full consideration. For more information on benefits for veterans, please click here.

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